Licensing and Insurance Information

        License Number : 771675
        Business Information: 12353 Wilshire Blvd - Los Angeles,Ca 90025
        Contact: ph 310-295-4773
        Entity: Corporation
        Issue Date: 11/18/1999
        Expire Date: 11/30/2011
        License Status: This License is current and active
        Classification: Class B – General Building Contractor
        Bonding Information : Corporation
        Issue Date: This License filed contractor’s bond number SC6065822 In the amount of $12,500 With Bonding company American contractors indemnity company
        Workers Compensation Information : Ace Property & Casualty Ins Co.
        Effective Date: 06/20/2010
        Expire Date : 06/20/2011
        General Liability Insurance : Century Insurance Company
        Effective Date: 10/12/2009
        Expire Date : 10/12/2010

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